Shred Brand

We have been spinning in the world of two bikes for some time now, preferably at least a little downhill. In winter we have always been attracted by the community around freeskiing and snowboarding. And whenever we go to the mountains in the meantime. Just slow down. Bow down to the mountain. Draw energy or soak up inspiration in the magic of nature.

The sports world has already bored us with flashy and overbranded jerseys, comparing our race own ego. We handed out a few designs around the Czech community and we set out into the world. We decided to go to the market with something we were missing here. Create a fashion and minimalist design in a 'shred' cult.


That's how Shredwear came about. Whoever wants what he wants says!


What does shred mean?

Passion, freedom, lifestyle, adrenaline, fun. For us, it means riding a bike and inventing nonsense. It doesn't matter how expensive your equipment is or how you send it. It is important to enjoy the experience at full throttle!


Shredsters community

Riders who have caught the eye of our philosophy.
We are riding the same wave.


You also care about the origin of your wardrobe
and the big mom of us all?
We are always trying to find a sustainable solution that does not exploit other nations, does not cost hectoliters of oil and does not waste material.
We design, sew and print by hand, in a local workshop.
Because local is moral!

Atelier in old factory

We have a studio on the 4th floor of an old industrial textile factory.  

If you want to talk about it or pick it up in person,

just write an email

Ondřej Saida
founder a designer