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Wander collection
To find yourself in mountains and nature, traveling, old charm cabins, vans and true soul of shred.

Full suspension steel wheels.
Draw geometry, bend tubes, weld and test. That's all Martin Saida's onemanshow. Frames are made of crude steel.

We supported each other and gave the project branding.

Artboard 41_300x.png

When you know Shred is the right gift.

Petrified big brands lost their charm long tim eago. Behind every piece of our clothes is a story. And that's the magic we can do.
It's all about riding, friendship, and feeling good about what you're doing right now. Do not adapt to trends.
Welcome to our Rider community.
Do you care about the origin of your wardrobe?
We design, sew and print by hand, in a local workshop.
Because the local is moral!
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